by thereaddler



Director: Ilya Naishuller

Release Date: 8 April 2016

Henry wakes up in a Moscow laboratory to learn that he’s been brought back from the dead as a half-human, half-robotic hybrid. With no memory, his wife tells him that his name is Henry. Before she can activate his voice, armed thugs storm in and kidnap her. Henry begins his rampage to save his spouse from the telekinetic spouse who kidnapped her.

Okay, this film is really confusing. Firstly, it is set in first person point of view. So we see everything in the eyes of Henry. It is kind of cool, but it does get to be a bit of a headache after a while. So, the film all in all is pretty action packed. There is so much cramped into the movie, and all of my theories that I had during the film were wrong.

This bone-crunching action film pretty much looks like a video game, and it is almost like being in Call of Duty. We don’t really see Henry’s face or ever hear his voice. Literally how he looks and sounds is up to the viewer. I genuinely thought this movie was brilliant, and that the plot was both unpredictable and refreshing. There has never been a film like Hardcore Henry, and I doubt there will be another one.

Seriously, if you love action movies, then you need to see this movie. The end *no spoilers* was completely awesome and the effects! Wow! The fighting scenes were brilliantly choreographed, it was mind-blowing. I loved this movie, but I will say again, it is a bit of a headache.

One of the characters, Jimmy, played by Shartlo Copely, is completely confusing, and he is hilarious. He will be one of your faves. His “British” d*ckheadiness is loveable! He is the joker of the movie, but he does have a dark background.

Okay, so just try the movie. It may not be for all of you, and I really don’t want to go into too much details because I don’t want to ruin it for you guys but I think most of you will enjoy the film! Comment what you think of it!