by thereaddler

How To Archer:


Book by: Sterling Archer

Originally published: 2011

Lying is like 95% of what I do.But believe me: in this book, I’ll let you know exactly how to become a master spy just like me. Obviously, you won’t be as good at it as I am, but that’s because you’re you, and I’m Sterling Archer.

This is going to be a short review. Does anyone else love Archer? I am going to try and stick to the book but forgive me if I start talking about the show (the show is awesome!).  I swear I say phrasing about 90% of the time.

So the book is as Archer as you could imagine. You get some great tips on how to be like the infamous Spy, and how to become a fully functioning alcoholic (as if I needed anymore advice on that). I will admit, if you read this book, you will read it in Archer’s voice.

The book is a lot of great laughs and usual witty comments, but I feel as though I knew everything already (because of the show). Don’t skip the footnotes – they’re the funniest part. My one complaint is the lack of inside jokes and references to the show and characters,  but then again, it is call “How to Archer”.

Overall, read the book! It’s not just a cash making scheme, its genuinely hilarious! £2.99 on amazon is a bargain and its worth the money!