Directed By: Noel Clarke

Release Date: 29th August 2016



Kidulthood in 2006, Adulthood in 2008 and now Brotherhood 8 years later. I had to go watch it and I am so glad I did, the movie had me in stitches! I found that this movie was not as sinister as the first two, but it had its fair share of violence. Noel Clarke who produced and directed Brotherhood did well once again, the message he put out there was deep, especially in this day in age where young people are seduced by the street life of gang, drugs and violence, but there are always two sides of a story and as you get older priorities change. Unfortunately, Jay (Adam Deacon) wasn’t in this film, but Mooney (Femi Oyeniran) was and he cracked me up! The relationship with his wife had the whole cinema laughing out loud. I’m glad he decided to return, however, I did listen to a podcast a little while ago on Cut the Chat TV hearing that he would not be doing Brotherhood, and slewing Noel Clarke live, but anywhoo…

Sam (Noel Clarke) is back on the scene and as per someone is after him, what do you do when you’re trying to be a better man and your past keeps trying to drag you back to the dark? You call back up and you take them down to protect the people you love and of course this is exactly what Sam did. Curtis is back and revenge is oozing from his veins, he wants Sam to suffer the way he had, but he does not want the new reformed Sam, he wants that bad boy who killed his nephew all them years ago. Although this film made me laugh, there are some scenes that show sad truth of the streets, innocent people getting caught up in the commotion resulting in serious injury or death just to prove a point.

On a lighter note, it was nice to see familiar Grime artists that are up and coming in today’s society merging into the acting life, hellooo Stormzy! He didn’t have the biggest role, but he was definitely taking the route of being a role model to kids who think that the only path available is the streets, showing them it’s never too late to change direction. Additionally, there were cameo’s from Skrapz, Fetty and Nines. If you were a Kidualthood fan I would 100% recommend this film, you won’t be disappointed!

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(Little flashback to Kidulthood)