by thereaddler

Going In Style

goig in style pic

Directors: Zach Braff

Release date: 30th March, 2017

“These banks practically destroyed this country. They crushed a lot of people’s dreams, and nothing ever happened to them. We three old guys, we hit a bank. We get away with it, we retire in dignity. Worst comes to the worst, we get caught, we get a bed, three meals a day, and better health care than we got now.”

So me and the bestie decided to have a movie night, as I always end up falling asleep during films she opted for a comedy, hoping a continuous stream of laughter would keep me awake. We chose ‘Going in Style’ which is a crime/comedy, as the film also casts two of our favourite actors Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. It was happy days for us as I watched the entire film, however I feel like my time could have been spent watching something a bit better. Here is a quick the synopsis of the film:


Lifelong buddies Willie (Morgan Freeman), Joe (Michael Caine) and Albert (Alan Arkin) decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow when their pension funds become a corporate casualty. Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, the three men risk it all by embarking on a daring adventure to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.

The film was good overall, it included some funny scenes, however, as it was a crime film I thought there would be more suspense and action. The end was a bit of a disappointment, I felt as though it had ended very abruptly with not much excitement leading up to the finish. If you have some spare time and want to watch a lighthearted movie this would be good, but for me it was definitely a one time watch!

If you decide to watch the movie please let us know what you thought 🙂

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