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Harry Potter & the cursed child

Author: JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Published Date: July 2016

“Harry, there is never a perfect answer in this messy, emotional world. Perfection is beyond the reach of humankind, beyond the reach of magic. In every shining moment of happiness is that drop of poison: the knowledge that pain will come again. Be honest to those you love, show your pain. To suffer is as human as to breathe.”

Sorry for the delay of this review, but it was one that left me with mixed emotions. As it has been some time since the book has been release and I’m sure the hardcore HP fans have already read the book and maybe even seen the play?! Heads up to the slow coaches this review will contain a couple SPOILERS. Reading another Harry Potter book after so long felt like my imagination had been returned to an extremely familiar place, that sense of nostalgia was so satisfying. For those who don’t know, the book is written in script format, downside being there is not a lot of description so travelling back to Hogwarts and the other HP locations felt like a distance memory rather than living in the forefront of the action as experience in the previous books. I don’t know if anyone else did this, but in some scenes I imagined how the play would look in my head rather than escaping to my interpretation of the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Besides from that I loved the book! The story line was perfect didn’t feel like it was too long or they went into any unnecessary dialogue. There was not immense amount of new characters in this book so I could feel the connection to each character singularly throughout, as well as my new found loves, Albus (Harry and Ginny Son) and Scorpius (Draco and Astoria Son). Their love, loyalty and friendship shown in the book is heart-warming I couldn’t help but shed a tear, but nothing compared to my wailing at the return of my favourite character!! I will not mention any more on that topic but I know a lot of HP fans and this will definitely make your day.

 Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tells a story of the ‘ifs and buts’ we may have thought whilst reading the original 7 (SPOILER)and we are returned back in time to when Harry is at Hogwarts alongside the return of his nemesis (can’t have a Harry Potter book without the despised Voldermort!) . I thoroughly enjoyed this concept as it gives us an insight to what could have happened if events we were slightly altered and makes you realise how the slightest change in events could have the most drastic repercussions in the future!

If you have read the book or seen the film, please comment below and let us know how you found it! Unfortunately, I still can not get my hands on the golden Harry Potter tickets, so if you guys have any website or links please comment below! Thank you!


(This was definitely me when I got my book!)

The Angry Birds Movie:


Director: Fergal Reilly, Clay Kaytis

Release Date:  May 13, 2016

Okay, so a movie based on an addictive smartphone game? Yeah that happened. The movie is set on “Bird Island”, a paradise for the birds, who are oblivious to the outside world. These innocent easy going creatures live a simple care-free life where the eggs they lay takes precedence over all. Of course there are a few exceptions.

Meet Red, our Angry Bird. He’s a social pariah who outcasts himself, and has clear anger issues from the moment we meet him. This leads him to have to partake in a compulsory anger management course, where he meets other birds with the similar problems. The birds are visited by green pigs, who befriend the birds (all but Red). The pigs ultimately reveal their true colours and which means Red has to leave the entire flock to bring the pigs to justice.

This will be a quick review as there isn’t much to this film if I’m completely honest. Jason Sudekis as Red is one of the highlights of the movie. With his sarcastic and witty humour and his grumpy tone, he fits the part. The movie proves that it is more than a gimmick, and delivers a mildly diverting mix of both adult  and humour for the kids. This movie is perfect for all ages. There is a dedication to X-Men’s Quicksilver believe it or not – and you may have noticed … I am a little bit obsessed with him -, but Josh Gad as Chuck (the fast running yellow bird), makes me think too much of Olaf from Frozen –Ew…May be a good thing to some of you, but not for me – Let it go G, Let it go. Also, Peter Dinklage starts as the flying eagle, the only Bird who can fly on the Island. As a huge Dinklage fan, I thought this casting was strange when I first heard about it, but after seeing the movie, he fits the boots. Trust me, that guy has acting range.

I do feel as though the film has been dragged out at some points, however I did enjoy it. I would say however, instead of paying money to go watch it in the cinema, just wait for it to come on TV. It’s not exactly a must-see movie but it’s great for those of you who may have kids (It really keeps them entertained).


Captain America: Civil War


Release date: April 29, 2016

Directors: Russo Brothers

Collateral Damage when saving the world becomes an issue for the Avengers, as political pressure leads to the installation of a set of rules for the team. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without the government interference. Iron Man disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, characters are left to pick a side, Iron Man or Captain America?

Marvel have outdone themselves this time. Essentially the film was a sequel to both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Full of action and plot twists, the movie kept me in suspense and engages the audience, as we see different sides to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Captain America: Civil War picks up with its ostensible character (Chris Evans) working with his Avengers teammates – Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Vision (Paul Bettany), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) – to stop terror around the globe. The Opposition consists of Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) as well as Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man, and the long-awaited arrival of Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

You see a Rebellious side to Rogers in this movie. For once, this do-gooder breaks the rules and helps Bucky (The Winter Soldier) to escape after being wrongly accused of terrorism. On the flip side, we see a more conservative co-operative Stark, which is a massive contrast to the Tony Stark we have seen in the other movies. It’s a revitalising change.

The film has an immense fight scene and it will surprise you! For all you comic lovers out there, you will find an Ant Man surprise *no spoiler*. The conflict between Iron Man and Captain America builds up throughout the movie and the climax was … well it was brilliant. The introduction of Spider-Man was done in a different way to I imagined, but it was superb. Seriously, there is never a dull moment in this movie.

I do have to throw a shout out to Robert-Downey Jr. The acting was immense. The emotion that he portrayed when he fights Cap was Oscar Worthy. I will tell you though, this movie is an emotional roller coaster. From laughing to shock to sadness, we feel it all!



X-men Apocalypse Review:

Director: Bryan Singer

Release Date: 18 May 2016


Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) becomes the first and most powerful mutant, as is considered by a God by mankind. After accidentally being awakened from sleep thousands of years later, he recruits the scorned Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and other mutants to create a new world order – where only the strong will survive. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Professor X (James McAvoy) and Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) lead a team of young X-Men to stop their seemingly invincible nemesis from destroying mankind.

After watching X-Men (twice) I have to say it was amazing. The introduction of so many vital characters was brilliant as each one had their moment to shine and we see them develop as characters. Admittedly Bryan Singer has packed his movie full of a few too many characters, however I quite liked it. Some of you may find the film a bit rushed, as there are so many elements to it but I enjoyed it. There wasn’t a dull moment at all!

Watching Apocalypse, you don’t feel as though each character is being set up for their own spin off movie. Each character integrates and compliments each other – they need one another as a team which is the whole point of the X-Men! A definite bonus!

You may that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen weren’t in this movie, however the younger generation are great. I personally think the characters are more engaging than some of the characters in the Original X-Men trilogy.

So, I have to say, I am a huge Quicksilver fan! Both comic book and movie. The fact that Evan Peters is Quicksilver makes me love him more – He portrays him brilliantly! As expected there was an amazing Quicksilver scene, and it was as brilliant as you would expect.

Okay, enough fan girling. Essentially, the movie was awesome. Now that the origin stories have begun for many of the characters – Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm etc.- it’s clear that many of the characters have reasons to hate humanity for their treatment. That is how Apocalypse manipulates them, by preying on the resentment.

As much as I hate to admit this, Sophie Turner made a brilliant Jean Grey, but I can’t get the Sansa Stark image out of my head every time I see her – which is annoying as Sansa and Jean are two completely different ends of the spectrum on the Kick Ass Scale. Tye Sheridan’s portrayal of Cyclops was okay – I felt he was a little bit Jock for my liking. Kodi-Smit-McPhee’s Nightcrawler was super adorable, and Nightcrawler is quite relaxed about being a mutant – which makes his role in the X-Men team admirable to watch. As you may know, I love Quicksilver, but come on guys! Evan Peter’s depiction of Quicksilver is in a league of its own. JLaw and Nic Hoult were as usual perfect. Does anyone else find JLaw’s kick ass sexy, determined Mystique as remarkable as I do? She rocks the role. The bad girl version of Storm was a refreshing change from Halle Berry’s Storm in the sense that you see her true dilemma with mankind.

Finally, Fassbender and McAvoy. One of the issues that the film faced was integrating how Xavier will lose his hair in the movie (no spoilers). All I can say is … It was brilliant. It both fits the story line and doesn’t come across as a random urge that Xavier has to shave his head. A key aspect of the story is Fassbender’s heart breaking experience when in hiding, and we watch his drift back to the dark side, and the Motivation behind his new hatred of humanity.

All in all, I really recommend this movie for all you action fans! Even those of you who are into comedy movies, I would suggest this movie for you. There are so many emotions that you go through during this movie and Singer captures both the pain of the mutants that is relate-able. Singer should be proud of this film!



Night World No. 1


Author: L.J Smith

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Published Date: January 1998

 “When you’re soulmates, it hits you like lightning, and you know that’s the one person in the world you were meant to be with. You don’t think you’re soulmates; you just know it’s your destiny whether you like it or not.”

Night World is the ideal book for me, a story of vampires, werewolves and witches. Meet Poppy. Poppy has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has lost all hope, until her best friend James (who also happens to be the love of her life) offered her a chance to survive –eternal life.  They find that they’re soulmates, but will she give into the darkness and follow him to the death?

The night world books with a set of trilogies within each book. The beginning of the first book (Secret Vampire) was slow to start – I must warn you, it’s a very slow start. The characters Poppy and James seem flat and I was pretty disappointed reading it again (I last read it about 6 years ago). I wasn’t as enthralled by the story line or the character as much as when I was younger – a clear sign that I have matured (Ha). There was a lot of stiff and awkward moments in the book that seemed almost robotic-ally written.

Regardless, the romance between James and Poppy is cute, if not a bit “twilight-ish” and obsessive. Seriously, it’s a cute concept, but just a little weird that they fall in love so intensely. The action in the novel was quick and it was as if Smith had just thrown the puzzle pieces together and wrapped their story up much too sweetly – I would prefer a book with a bit more drama and “pizaz”.

There was not much vampire lore in the first book. But reading onto the next one and we shall see what happens. This book is mildly entertaining, and there were a few good sarcastic bits, but overall, I think I will continue reading the rest of the books just out of curiosity – you never know, the rest of the books may be better.

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the princess bride

Author: William Goldman

Publisher: Bloomsberg

Published Date: October 1999

“Has it got any sports in it?”

“Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles.”

After reading that quote I don’t think I have to write any more for you fantasy literature lovers! However, the book commences with Goldman discussing the book ‘The Princess Bride’ by Morgenstern, which his father read to him whilst he was suffering with pneumonia (I googled this book contemplating if I should read it first to get a little insight, but it’s all fictional, his life, his family and the book itself!) It was revealed that his father predominantly focused on the ‘good bits’. The “Good Bits Version became Goldman’s favourite story, which he then continues to recite including parenthetical disruptions for us to appreciate.

This is where it gets good. The story consists of the most exquisite, flaxen-haired maiden named Buttercup who falls in love with her farm boy, Westley. She confesses her love, he retreats to make his fortune and she vows never to love another. Buttercup hears news that Westley’s ship has been seized by the Dread Pirate Roberts (he never leaves captives alive) hence left grief-stricken. However, Buttercup is one of the most beautiful woman in the world; her delicacy captures the attention of the merciless hunter Prince Humperdinck who desires a wife and will go to extraordinary lengths to retrieve what he wants. And thus the animations begins..

The characters are so well illustrated, I genuinely look forward to you meeting themGoldman is a genius! This book was a wonder to read, extremely witty and clever had me captivated from the very start! I saw the film straight after which was virtually the screenplay (also written by William Goldman, acquiring an astounding 8.1 IMDB rating). However, there is a sense of suspense and jeopardy in the book that just can’t be conveyed by the film, but I’ll always be book biased. 

 If you fancy an epic adventure with your imagination, this is definitely the book for you! Highly recommended!

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(This is also my favourite quote and favourite character in the book)