Hello my fellow book junkies! So, I started this blog to reach out and communicate with like-minded book lovers like yourself. Not only will you get an insight to books I have read, but I would love to use this platform to engage and see what has grasped your curiosity too! (There are never too many book recommendations or discussions; I can go on forever…) I would regard this blog as more of a book club than just a review site where everyone can get 14237638_10157487682255061_1413042390904816365_ninvolved!

I am 22 years old studying Mechanical Engineering but currently in my Industrial year. I have a passion for reading (I know –so original), but more-so discussing the books I have read. I have a fascination with the notion that individuals can read the same words but be transported into entirely different worlds; no two persons will illustrate a book in precisely the same way.

Regrettably, my love for books was not an instantaneous spark, it was more my dad dragging me to the summer book club challenges at the local library and making me read 24 books within the 6 weeks plus reviews! However, fusing mesmerising stories, compelling characters and an extremely dynamic imagination, fabricated yours truly.

My favourite genres have to be fiction (especially action and adventure), biographies, olden romance and I am a dreamer for commendable poetry. I know there are a few genres I am not excessively obsessive about, so I decided to bring in a co-blogger in order to give you as much varied content as possible. So without further ado I give you..


I am currently a Computer Scientist Student working as a Application Developer. Aspiring to be a full time reviewer – Realistically going to be a Full Time IT speci14265062_10157487682380061_2682920136422384412_nalist.Reading is my addiction. No Really. It is. Anyone who knows me will tell you that if I don’t have my nose in a book, I am downloading a PDF, waiting for it to load so I can get my fix of fantasy.

I’m a 22 year old who obsesses over Fantasy, Comedy and Mythology books. However, I have always had a infatuation with comic books – DC > MARVEL. I used read anything that had Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters or Horror in it. Nowadays, I am trying to expand the genres that I read.. So any suggestions on books are welcome. I’m now also a huge fan of contemporary, realistic fiction and romance books. So sit back, relax and let’s get ready to readdle…